Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pens stage Another Panther Comeback, Win 3-2 in OT Thanks to Sid

-Deja Vu much? No not the terrible movie with Denzel Washington, but the real life version of it against the Panthers. A trend that started on a road trip last year has continued into this season. The Pens just pound the Panthers with shots (averaging nearly 40 shots per game) until eventually the deadly cats suffocate into a state of nothingness. Granted they did get a point tonight, but just barely.

-The Pens weren't playing textbook hockey the first 2 periods, but they were getting their fair share of chances on goalie Vokoun, who made 42 saves on 45 shots. The 1st period featured 3 lazy minor penalties by the Pens and it eventually lead to a Panthers PP goal by Horton. In the 2nd period, the Pens were still feeling the 'Cats out. Trying to pick their spots to attack rather than try and attack continuously. This strategy ended up costing the Pens a goal when Frolik made a sexy pass to a streaking Ballard from the backside.

-Yes it was 2-0 heading into the 3rd, yes Vokoun was on his game, but the Pens still had a lot left in the tank. The bees began to swarm the Panthers nest early in the 3rd when a newly formed line of Rupp-Talbot-Dupuis began cycling down low and after a Skoula from the point, Dupuis (5th of season) shot it and it slowly found its way over the shoulder of Vokoun for a 2-1 Pens deficit. Dupuis was flying again tonight and putting him on a line with a couple grinders wasn't such a bad idea.

-With 4 minutes left another line was created with Adams centering Geno and Rupp. They held the puck in the Panthers zone, playing keep away if you will, for a good 2 minutes. The Panthers were sluggish and slow and it was Mike Rupp who potted his 6th of the year on a feed from Geno from behind the net. The puck got to Rupp who poked it 5 hole on Vokoun for a 2-2 game. Earlier in the game Rupp showed his rough and tumble side when he stood up for Geno and fought Bryan Allen after Allen hit Geno hard.

-In OT, one of the weirdest things happened. After a whistle 2 min. into the OT, a linesman called a 4 min penalty on Horton for high-sticking, not the main ref. Everyone was confused, especially Steigy and Errey. The Pens caught a break and an almost automatic 4 on 3 PP goal was scored. Gonch and Geno looked like ballerina's at the point and after a couple good scoring chances, it was this guy named Crosby who buried a Geno rebound past Vokoun, 3-2 Pens.

-Ben Lovejoy has been getting more and more playing time and there have been a bunch of teams scouting him. The Stars, Canes, and Leafs have been involved in some trade talks with GM Shero. We'll see what this all means. Being down 2-0 after 2 against offense absent teams means nothing. The Panthers just hope and pray everytime they play the Pens. They got a few chances tonight and they capitalized. If not for Vokoun, the score coulda been much worse. Granted the Cats were 8-3-2 before tonight and they're without their best player David Booth. One guy who was a hitting machine tonight was Orpik. He had 6 hits and made a couple great defensive plays, once on a Dvorak breakaway.

-Laraque and Gill will be coming to town on Wends. night for a Canadiens tilt, see you then.


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