Friday, April 16, 2010

PREVIEW: Game 2, Sens vs. Pens...Must-win?

-Game 2 is only a few hours away and the Pens need this win big time. Fleury HAS to play better and it's time for the Pens to use the glass, high dump ins and deep dump ins behind the Ottawa D as a means of generating offense. There was hardly any puck possession in game 1 outside the first 5 minutes.

-Rupp will be making his Pens debut in place of Fedotenko. Feds was nearly invisible the last game. And Rupp's presence on the 4th line will be surely be felt. Moreover, Bylsma likes throwing Rupp in with Sid/Geno whenever he can as well. It's time for the "other" guys to start producing. Sid and Geno can't run the show for 60 minutes. The off. d-men have to help out as well. Letang especially.

-Michalek being out for the series is a big break for the Pens, time to exploit that.
Staal/TK/Cooke have to start doing their thing in wearing down the Ottawa D. Then it'll be easier for Geno/Sid to do their thing. The Pens shouldn't be nervous tonight or hesitant tonight and they cannot play into Ottawa's hands.

-Expect Ottawa to continue clogging the neutral zone and trying to capitalize off Pens turnovers. The Pens have the speed and the offensive firepower to break that sort of game plan, they just have to execute.


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