Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gill and Company Visit Pens at the Mellon...Kennedy out? Bourque in?

-Hal Gill didn't want to leave the Pens this summer. And Frankly the Pens didn't want him outta town either. But money has its way with things and Gill couldn't turn down the 2 yr/$2.25 mil a yr deal the Habs offered him. Gill got his Stanley Cup, now time for a handsome paycheck. Besides Gill, the Habs have some other newcomers who joined the party over this summers player overhaul. Cammalleri, Gomez, Gionta, Moen, Mara, and Spacek make up a core piece of this team. Gomez is sick (flu symptoms) and he will be a game-time decision. Spacek has been playing well and Moen has been a key part of the PK.

-The Habs have won 4 in a row and Jaroslav Halak will look to continue his hot streak in net. Fleury will start in net for the Pens. Kennedy has been hampered by an undisclosed injury the past couple days and he will be out tonight. Kennedy leads the team with 5 goals and is part of an all-important Pens 3rd line. Bourque will step in and play with Geno and Feds on the 2nd line. Dupuis has been sick with the flu the past couple days but he will be in the lineup. He practiced this morning and should be fine.

-Historically Carey Price has played well against the Pens but fortunately we won't be seeing him tonight. The Habs are much bigger (but slower) on defense with Mara/Gill and much faster upfront with Gionta/Cammy/Gomez. Although the offense is faster, many of those guys are small. Even Plekanec, Pacioretty, and Kostiystn aren't necessarily the biggest of players. The Pens have played well against the Habs the last couple seasons and they'll have continue that tonight. This is a game they should win but they can't be sloppy or fall asleep as they have in previous games this season.

-The French Canadien contingent will come out strong tonight. Dupuis, Fleury, Sid, and Letang included. Geno has been red hot as has Gogo. The Habs have guys who will take stupid penalties: Lapierre and Moen. So the PP chances should come aplenty tonight. The Habs no longer have offensive wizards such as Kovy, Koivu, Lang, or Tanguay. And no real offensive D-men threat such as the injured Andrei Markov.

-LOL at Marion Gaborik being injured for the Rangers. The man is as scary as they come when healthy, but it's hard to see the scariness when he's always on the shelf.

Habs (6-5-0) vs.
Pens (9-2-0)

Tonight's lines:

Kunitz- Crosby-Guerin

Fedotenko- Malkin - Bourque

Cooke- Staal- Adams

Dupuis - Rupp- Godard

Defense pairings
will be the same as last time:

Gogo-Orpik, Letang-Eaton, Mckee-Skoula (uh- oh)


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