Monday, October 12, 2009

Kennedy Scores 2 as Pens Beat Sens 4-1

-Tyler Kennedy doesn't have to be playing with Geno to score goals. He can score just as easily alongside Cooke/Adams or Staal when he's up there. TK had 2 goals tonight including a rifling slap shot that completely flew by Sens goalie Pascal Leclaire. The Sens didn't play too bad in this game. Leclaire kept them in there during the first period and a half with some good saves. He was promising, but Kovy and Alfredsson (argubly their two best players) were nowhere to be seen. Kovy turned it over a couple times, slashed Letang which lead to a Pens PP goal, and was very sloppy the whole night.

-It was surprising to see Alfy quiet, as he usually plays well against the Pens. But newly acquired Cheechoo and Michalek played well as did Spezza who had a bunch of chances to score but just couldn't capatilize. Michalek scored a beautiful goal off a nice pass from Cheech and his blazing speed was very noticeable throughout this contest. The Pens did not get the start they wanted, but for the millionth (it seems like) time this road trip, the Pens scored on the next shift or shortly after the opposition scores. Guerin lifted a bouncing puck past Leclaire, Sens D-men Phillips had no idea where the puck was and Pens were up 1-0.

-The Pens have now won 4 in a row and are 4-0 on the road. Fleury made 30 saves and was outstanding again. There were several loose puck scrums around him and he stayed composed and the defense was able to clear the puck in time or he would shut the door. The Sens hit the glass on numerous occassions, Mckee blocked a bunch, and some posts were binked as well. The Sens were unlucky but the Pens created their luck. Guerin's 1st goal, Kennedy's 1st goal, and Staal's goal could've been avoided. Rupp was skating super hard tonight, he also had some booming hits. Speaking of hits, Kunitz can bring it like no other.

-Geno was sleepy tonight and Sid wasn't exactly on his game, but the Pens still got production from their other lines. Cooke/Adams/Kennedy continue to be very effective on the forecheck. All that hitting is causing defenses to turn the puck over which is leading to more goals. I personally want to thank Alex Kovalev for sleeping during tonight's game, Spezza for hitting the glass on several occassions, and Alfredsson for being invisible as well.
Jordan Staal has now scored a goal in each of the past 3 games, Fleury is 5-0, and Kennedy has 4 goals. Congrats to Mckee and Rupp for their first points as Pens.


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