Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pens re-sign Alex Goligoski to 3-year Contract......Gonch/Feds update

The Pens came to terms with defenseman Alex Goligoski on a 3 yr/4.5 mil dollar deal this afternoon. So he'll be earning roughly $1 mil next year. Gogo as they call him, had 6 goals and 14 assists in 45 games with the Pens this past season. Gogo had the chance to play everyday after Gonchar and Whitney were out for an extended period in the first half of the season. Gogo is only 23 and he would've played in the lineup this year if not for the deep defensive core the Pens had. He's been a top Pens prospect ever since his college days with Minnesota. A couple years down the road once Gonchar is in retirement, Gogo and Letang will be the quarterbacks of the Pens power play for years to come. GM Shero hopes Gogo can be the QB of the 2nd PP unit for next year and see how he develops. This process is similiar to Letang's in the past couple years. Ease him into the 1st PP by playing him on the 2nd PP and in key offensive situations.
I'm not scared of Gogo's offensive skills, it's his defense which he has to work on. He'll have the off season to get stronger and better.

What now for Gill and Scuderi?

With this signing, it looks as though one of them or both are gone for sure. Scuderi's market value has skyrocketed so his worth is much higher but he's a much more valuable player than Gill. Gill will no doubt be let go but this signing may signify some sort of departure for Scuds as well. Especially with defenseman Lovejoy also ready to make the roster from the minors.

Gonchar and Fedotenko update?

An extension with Gonchar has been discussed the last couple weeks. It looks to be a 2-3 year deal in the $4-5 mil a yr range. Gonch said he would take a small discount and play another couple years with the Pens before retiring.
GM Ray Shero has been in talks with Feds and the two sides are hoping a 2 yr deal will be worked out in the $2-2.5 mil a year range.

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