Monday, June 22, 2009

Guerin/Scuderi/Gill UPDATE

The future does not look bright for Scuderi and Gill to be Penguins. It does look bright on the financial side, particularly for Scuderi who's agent said this week a deal in the 4 mil/yr range is what they'll be looking for.

Now the Pens have just under 10 million to spread around and overpaying Scuderi for that amount is out of the question. More important things are: re-signing Fedotenko (hopefully to the 2.2-2.4/yr range), getting a defenseman if Gill/Scuderi leave, and getting 1-2 scoring wingers pending Guerin doesn't re-sign. The Pens will re-sign Guerin only if it's for 2 mil/yr, anything more and there's no deal. They just can't be spending too much on a 39 year old who's likely to get burned out later on in the season.

What people need to realize is that Scuderi/Gill/Guerin/Fedotenko are all great players and some of them have played their best hockey the last couple years, i'm refering to Gill and Scuderi. But, all of them ARE replaceable. We aren't losing Sergei Gonchar or Sidney Crosby. In the free agency market there will be plenty of guys who I think are even better than these guys, for a much more reasonable price.

Sure Scuderi had an amazing playoffs and replacing Gill's size and reach will be tough as there aren't too many D like that. But these two guys were surrounded by awesome players on all 4 lines. Their success might come from Fleury's great goaltending or how tenacious our offense is. If Scuderi leaves, I think Mark Eaton can take some sort of shutdown defenseman role as those two are very similiar. Eaton has a little bit more offense and better puck moving ability.

Who can the Pens sign?...........tune in later

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